In order to facilitate a holistic discussion of the theme, the conference is being divided into the following tracks, with suggested topics for discussion which can be expanded to other topics not specifically mentioned herein.

Track 1
Current trends in the factors underlying disruptive change like technology, innovation, digitalization, environmental issues, global tensions, etc and their implications for organizations
 Entrepreneurs
 Small and medium industries
 Large industries
 Service industry

Track 2
Organizational development to cope with disruptive change
 Identifying and creating capabilities
 Psychology of change and adaptation by employees
 Organizing for creative disruption and innovation on a sustained basis
 Leading transformational change

Track 3
Entrepreneurship and organizational development
 Crafting and building teams
 Motivating and mentoring a young organization
 Organizing for growth and maturity

Track 4
Organizational development for effective Mergers and Acquisitions
 Management of cross cultural conflicts
 Morale and motivation in merged organizations
 Building systems and processes for deriving synergies across organizations
 Team building for effective performance and managing critical talents

Track 5
Environmental and Sustainability issues and its impact on organizational development
 Development of new products and markets
 Devising new supply chains
 Educating customers on the new sustainable businesses

Track 6
Digitalization for organizational development
 Harnessing the power of social media
 Logistics and supply chain management
 Building a digital organization
 Complementing brick and mortar businesses with E-business

Important Deadlines

Submission of Abstract: June 20, 2019
Full Paper Submission:June 30, 2019
Acceptance Notification: July 09, 2019
Final Paper Submission:July 25, 2019
Registration: August 19, 2019
Conference: 6-7 September 2019



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• Selected papers will be further submitted to ‘Technology Analysis and Strategic Management’ (a
 journal of the Taylor and Francis Group) and other international journals for potential publication.